$1M Dollars of Appreciation for Rebbis and Morahs

Over one million dollars worth of Pesach food and supplies were gifted to rebbis and Beis Rivkah morahs in appreciation for their year-long effort in educating our children at the annual Chasdei Lev event organized by the Igud Hamelamdim.

Last Sunday witnessed a heartwarming display of gratitude as hundreds of cars paraded down Kingston Avenue in a bustling show of appreciation for the dedicated educators of the Crown Heights Chabad community. The occasion marked the seventh annual Chasdei Lev event, organized by the Igud Hamelamdim a Lubavitch chinuch organization, as a tribute to the tireless efforts of these educators in nurturing the community’s children.

Rabbi Avrohom Bluming, the executive director of Igud Hamelamdim, highlighted the organization’s mission to empower both teachers and students, underscoring the significance of their partnership with the esteemed Chasdei Lev organization. The event boasted over 20 trucks laden with more than 300 pallets of Pesach gifts valued at over $1 million, transforming Kingston Ave into a bustling hub of appreciation.

The NYPD cordoned off the street between Rutland and Winthrop, creating a space where the pallets, each bearing the name of a teacher, were neatly arranged for pickup. As educators and their families arrived, they were greeted by a large “Thank You” banner and an atmosphere brimming with joy. Energetic students from local yeshivos, adorned in “Thank You” sweaters, eagerly assisted in loading gifts into each teacher’s car, receiving their own tokens of appreciation in return.

Acknowledgments poured in for the administrators of local yeshivos, who generously covered their respective institutions’ financial contributions as a gesture of gratitude. This year included all the many morahs at Beis Rivkah schools. Additionally, Oholei Torah was recognized for its annual provision of a cleaning crew to facilitate the event seamlessly.

Rabbi Yossi Bryski received accolades for his invaluable coordination efforts, while the Shmira Team was commended for their tremendous assistance joyfully done throughout the event. Even non-Jewish neighbors, intrigued by the spectacle, were astounded to learn that the massive operation was solely dedicated to honoring teachers.

The meticulous planning and exemplary service left a lasting impression on attendees, with one educator praising the boys’ impeccable manners in response to expressions of gratitude. Rabbi Bluming reiterated the importance of acknowledging the sacrifices made by educators, emphasizing the honor in showing admiration and appreciation.

Reflecting on the event, Rabbi Shimon Gerlitzky, a third-grade teacher at Oholei Torah, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the seamless pickup process and the thoughtful inclusion of gifts for students. He lauded the event organizers for their genuine care for the well-being of both teachers and students.

In its mission to recognize the heroes of children’s education, Igud Hamelamdim remains steadfast in its commitment to celebrating and supporting the invaluable contributions of educators. The Chasdei Lev event stands as a poignant reminder of the profound impact teachers have in shaping the future leaders of the community.

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