1980 Recording of Iconic Guest Speaker at Graduation Resurfaces

Rabbi JJ Hecht, the proud grandfather of a talmid in the 1980 graduating class of Lubavitch Yeshiva Ocean Parkway, was the guest speaker at the graduation ceremony.

By Anash.org reporter

With graduation season in high swing, Anash.org presents to you an archive audio of a speech Rabbi Yakov Yehuda Hecht gave at the graduation ceremony of the class of Lubavitch Yeshiva Ocean Parkway on Daled Tammuz of 5740-1980. Rabbi Lasker, the principal at the time, introduced the guest speaker.

“To me, it is a personal pleasure to present to you my illustrious nephew,” introduced Rabbi Lasker, “the proud grandfather of a happy graduate, Rabbi JJ Hecht.”

“I would like to say to those gathered here tonight,” began Rabbi Hecht, after apologizing for being hoarse from the previous Sunday, “that this a new milestone in your life, from this point each one is elevated to the next phase in adulthood, maturity, responsibility, and in his mission in life.”

To hear the full recording, click below:

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