1642 Squares Create Masterpiece Menorah

Students of Tomchei Tmimim Ocean Parkway and their families gathered for the Hakhel-themed Chanukah celebration, lighting a masterpiece menorah built by every single talmid.

For three weeks leading up to Chanukah, the students of Tomchei Tmimim Ocean Parkway, along with their families, eagerly anticipated the grand reveal of their special project: a Hakhel Menorah.

Every talmid was involved in the creation of this masterpiece, putting in hard work and dedication to bring it to life. The many individual squares came together to create one shining, beautiful menorah.

The message behind this menorah is one of unity – that without every single square, the picture is not complete. This message mirrors the teaching of the Rebbe, who stressed the importance of every single Jew in our nation.

On the first day of Chanukah, friends and family gathered in the schoolyard for the Hakhel-themed Chanukah celebration, to see the unique menorah lit for the first time.

The event started with the talmidim reciting the 12 pesukim, followed by inspiring divrei torah from the principal and program director.

Then, the giant menorah was lit.  The sight of hundreds of attendees looking on as the menorah was kindled created a truly unique atmosphere of achdus.  

The unity menorah stands proudly on Ocean Parkway, spreading pirsumei nissa to all who pass by. “So many people are asking about it,” says the security guard, “I tell them it’s a contribution of each student, bringing out the powerful message of unity and Chanukah”.


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