150 Pages of ‘Pirsum Rishon’ Published by Chabad Yeshivos

Dispersed throughout 20 kovtzim and seforim printed for Yud Alef Nissan were a cumulative 150 pages of letters, ma’anos, and pictures of the Rebbe, along with yomanim and other material published for the first time.

Anyone who visited 770 or the Ohel over Yud Alef Nissan this year was not able to miss the wealth of kovtzim, seforim and publications printed by Chabad Yeshivos and mosdos from around the world. After all, over 40 publications crowded the tables and benches, vying for attention.

What they may have missed, however, was the appendixes printed in the back of many of them. No less than 20 of the publications contained a pirsum rishon, Chabad treasures published for the first time.

Some of the kovtzim included letters of the Rebbe, others ma’anos or the Rebbe’s edits on various publications, some yomanim – diaries describing time spent by the Rebbe, or other material. One even included unique photographs of the Rebbe being published for the first time.

Each kovetz contained a few pages, varying from two pages in kovetz Pilpul Hatalmidim by Westchester Yeshiva, to 11 pages in a kovetz with the same name published by the yeshiva in Kfar Chabad.

But when added together, over 150 pages of Chabad treasures were publicized over a single day!

To allow greater access to the treasures, the administrators of the “Teshuros and Pirsum Rishon” WhatsApp groups, where similar materials are published regularly, put the appendixes together into a single file.

The file contains tens of kisvei yad kodesh, igros kodesh, yomanim, and edits from the Rebbe on sichos, michtovim klollim, and articles in Lashon Hakodesh and English.

To join the “Teshuros and Pirsum Rishon” WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/BskB2KaO19VDgmEFW07Qh8

To access all 40 kovtzim in their entirety, visit KovtzimDrive.com.

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