150 Kids Join Released Time Mid-Winter Camp

More than 150 NYC Public School students enjoyed a week of Jewish Pride at the Released Time Mid-Winter camps run by the NCFJE Released Time program.

150 Boys and Girls hailed in from Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island to enjoy a full week of Jewish Pride and fun at the Released Time camps. 

Campers kicked off each day with breakfast and davening, followed by a hands-on learning project that they brought home and ended off each day with an exciting, fun trip! 

During one of the camp days the children got a tour of Crown Heights, making stops at the Matzah bakery, Sofer Stam, Kingston Pizza, and 770 for a picture and rally.  

“The most fun trip was coming to 770 and eating at the Kosher Pizza shop” said Haley from Ps.167.

Under the directorship of Rabbi Sadya Engel, each camp was led by a Dedicated group of Released Time Bochurim who every Wednesday go to the public schools and teach the children about Yiddishkeit and Mitzvahs. 

“There was a tremendous sense of Jewish unity and pride during camp. The kids got to experience a full day of Yiddishkeit and just have fun,” said Engel. 

Released Time would like to thank Anshei Shlomo Chabad – JCC for hosting the Queens camp and United Lubavitcher Yeshiva Ocean Pkwy for hosting the Brooklyn camp.

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