150 Join Mezuzah Course in Merit of Israel

The course, offered by Machon Lehoraa Online Smicha, was offered for free in merit of the situation in Eretz Yisroel. It featured special guests Shiurim and many resources and learning aides. 

Over the last 6 weeks, 150 people from all around the world joined a course on Hilchos Mezuzah, with a weekly live Shiur and a learning schedule on an interactive platform. 

During the course, 2 special guest Shiurim were offered. One Shiur was given by Rabbi Shimon Hellinger of Kingston PA, a renowned expert in the practical fields of Mezuzah. Rabbi Hellinger showed various scenarios and how to location of the mezuzah can vary based on the home circumstances.

The second Shiur was given by veteran Sofer Rabbi Yehuda Clapman who gave a full overview of the traditional details on writing a mezuzah and the discussed different cases that came before him. 

You can watch the Shiur with Rabbi Clapman here: 

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This course is just another Halacha course offered by Machon Lehoraa Online Smicha, along its course on Smicha, Dayanus, and other topics. As with all other courses, the participants of the course were given also special practical summaries of the materials, videos, and other resources to enhance the learning experience. 

Course on Smicha and Dayanus are starting in the near future. Please visit onlinesmicha.com or email [email protected] for more information.

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