15 Hours of Farbrenging at Chabad of South Broward

In the days leading up to Gimmel Tammuz and on the day itself, Rabbi Velvel Lipskar led three farbrengens at Chabad of South Broward, amounting to 15 hours and hundreds of participants.

Rabbi Velvel Lipskier led three Farbrengens for Gimmel Tammuz at Chabad of South Broward and Chabad of Hollywood Lakes, under the leadership of Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus.

A fourth Gimmel Tammuz Farbrengen for women, at the home of Meir and Brocha Cohen, was organized by Rebbitzens Endi Tennenhaus and Brocha Feiner. Speakers included Rebbitzen Goldie Tennenhaus and others. 

All in all, Rabbi Lipskier Farbrenged for some 15 hours, and the hundreds who participated were most uplifted by Rabbi Lipskier’s heartfelt words and stories and were encouraged that Gimmel Tammuz Shloshim Shana, should impact a change for the better in their Hiskashrus to the Rebbe.   

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