14 Schools Will March in Crown Heights for Lag B’omer

A grand Lag B’omer march in Crown Heights will be attended by 14 schools with thousands of children from the community and neighboring areas. The march will conclude with a rally in a park.

By Anash.org reporter

A grand Lag B’omer march through the streets of Crown Heights will be taking place this year, with the participation of all local schools and followed by a rally in a park.

Fourteen schools, with thousands of students, will be marching through the streets of Crown Heights on Thursday, in honor of Lag B’omer, the hilula of the Rashbi.

The Lag B’omer March is being arranged in coordination by all the schools of Crown Heights, together with Tzivos Hashem. It will feature music trucks, marching bands, and specially produced Tzivos Hashem gear for each participant.

Attending the March will be Crown Heights schools Oholei Torah, Lubavitch Yeshiva Crown Street, Ohr Menachem, Oholei Yosef Yitzchok, Gan Academy Yeshiva, ULY Ocean Parkway, Beis Rivkah, Bnos Menachem, Beis Chaya Mushka, as well as a number of schools from nearby areas, including Cheder at the Ohel, Darchei Menachem, Magen Yisroel, Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island, and Chabad Girls Academy.

Each school will be marching from their school building or designated location. As they get closer to the park, the smaller marches will be merging, eventually having all 4,000 children meet on Albany and Lefferts Avenues. The children will then gather in the Old Boys and Girls High School Baseball Field, where a grand rally will be held.

The Lag B’omer March is a revolutionary program for Crown Heights, which for many years only had a rally in the park on years when Lag B’omer did not fall on Sunday.

Accompanying the children will be trucks playing music, and a special horse and buggy ride will be transporting upshernish children, giving them the experience of a lifetime.

Organizers told Anash.org that the grand Lag B’omer March has been in the works for many months, with special run being made of the t-shirts and caps especially for the march.

Anash.org has exclusively obtained the exact schedule and route for the Lag B’omer March. Check it out below and see when and where your child will be marching!

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