14 Cheshvan: When the Rebbe’s Curtain Closed

Friday, Yud Daled Cheshvan, 5754, was the last time the Rebbe came out to the chassidim. Rabbi Eli Wolff remembers that fateful day and records his reaction as the day passes once again.

By Rabbi Eli Wolff

Friday, Yud Daled Marcheshvan, 5:39 p.m. In just a moment, Shabbos will spread its wings over us, but meanwhile we wait, hoping, wishing, looking up – will we be zoche today?

Since last Sunday, after ma’ariv – we did not see the Rebbe. It has been five long days that the Rebbe has not come out to daven with the tzibur. The yearning is intense.

Approximately 20 minutes ago, at 5:20 p.m., a happy message was suddenly received on the pagers: “Mincha Now”. And the Rebbe came out to Mincha with the tzibur.

Davening ended about 4 minutes ago, the blinds in the room were lowered, and we are standing, looking at the curtained balcony – will we be zoche?! Will we get to see the Rebbe?!

Rebbe, we yearn to see you. Every minute seems like an eternity. A minute passed, and another minute, and another minute, and another minute – will we be zoche?!

Then, at 5:40 we were zoche! The curtain was lifted, and once again we see the Rebbe. We look and continue to look, unable to take our eyes off…

G-t in himmel…may this moment never end. We stand and sing, we stand and cry out, we stand and daven, we daven with all our hearts, we plead with the Hashem: Oy, Ribbono Shel Olam.. “Yechi Adoneinu…”!

For five full minutes, the Rebbe sat on the balcony, encouraging the singing, five minutes that we were zoche to see the Rebbe.

Then the Rebbe turned to his left, as a signal to close the curtain. And the curtain closes…

The curtain closes… The curtain closed, and we did not see the Rebbe again.

The curtain closes on the balcony, and the curtain closes on us. Our world became dark.

The curtain closed, and since then – to this day, we have not seen the Rebbe again…

Since that moment, since the curtain closed in front of us, since Yud Daled Cheshvan 5754, since 5:45 p.m. – we have not seen the Rebbe again…

Oy Rebbe!

When will be zoche to see you again?

Ribbono Shel Olam – when will this curtain be torn down?!

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