13-Year-Old Builds Online Platform to Assist Shluchim

13-year-old Shalom DovBer Strakhov enjoys using his talents to assist shluchim and has now launched an online platform to enable others to do the same. 

By Anash.org reporter

13-year-old Shalom DovBer Strakhov has always enjoyed using his talents to help shluchim, such as by designing flyers or creating videos.

He realized that there must be many other young, talented individuals who would also like to help. He thought, “Why not build a platform that would provide a solution for anyone who wants to use his talents for Mivtzoim?”

And so, he got to work and BeitChabadOnline.com was born.

The new platform allows users to open a virtual “Beit Chabad” web page for free. They can then describe the services that they’d like to offer. Shluchim can also request services in a variety of categories, including: Writing & Translation, Music & Audio, Video & Animation, Flyers, Logos & Graphics.

Shalom DovBer said, “If you like designing, building websites, writing chidushim, playing music, learning, teaching, or anything else, why not use it for kodesh? Along the way, you’ll gain experience, and advertise yourself, and make some money. All you need to do is go to my website and open your personal Beit Chabad.”

The boy’s father, David Strakhov, encouraged him. “I saw that my son has a talent in technology, so I told him, let’s use it to the Rebbe’s advantage.”

For more information, visit beitchabadonline.com.

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