1,200 Women Show Up to Support Bonei Olam – Chabad

On a cold and frigid night a number of weeks ago, 1,200 women from the Crown Heights community packed Oholei Torah Hall to support Bonei Olam – Chabad, at an event filled with hope, inspiration and perseverance.

On a cold and frigid night on January 8th, we experienced an evening that exceeded all our perceptions of what could or should happen. The energy was palpable; the Crown Heights community showed up. Over 1200 women came out to support Bonei Olam Chabad. 

The work of Bonei Olam Chabad affects so many, yet it still seems like the best kept secret. With personal accounts and back-end details of the inner workings of Bonei Olam, we all learned something invaluable that night. Everyone knows someone who is struggling with fertility, you just may not know it, as the painstaking statistic is that it affects one in every six couples.

Albeit a painful topic, the evening was filled with hope, inspiration and perseverance with a call to action to each and every member of our community. Each of us can be there for those struggling whether it be a family member, friend or acquaintance. In only one week following our event, an additional fifteen Chabad couples have reached out for help with fertility struggles. The success of our vital work is thanks to the support of the community. Thank you for showing up, thank you for showing you care, and thank you for being the legs Bonei Olam Chabad stands on. 

Thank you to all the sponsors who donated so generously of their time and wares for our event and auction. 

Thank you to the brave couples who shared their stories with us; for inspiring us with hope, strength, and courage. May Hashem bless you with revealed good in all aspects of your life. 

Thank you to Briele, Chava’le Bronstein, and Chaya Mushka Goldstein for touching our souls with your music. 

Thank you to Rabbi & Mrs. Bochner for your unwavering support for all the couples going through this struggle. 

Thank you to Zalman Katz for taking Bonei Olam Chabad under your wing, and ensuring that all our couples get the financial help they need. 

Thank you Mrs Rivki Brikman for bringing the evening together as MC with your inspiring words and grace. 

Thank you Sara Varon for going above and beyond to make sure each detail of this event was taken care of with the utmost elegance. 

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to our Rebbe, for the constant blessings and guidance with Bonei Olam Chabad. 

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Bonei Olam Chabad Committee,
Rivki Diamont, Chumi Feldman, Frumie Goodman, Dina Hecht, Etel Hurwitz, Rochie Junik, Breindy Katz, Esther Malka Kleinman, Leah Loksen, Frumie Putter, Chanie Shalmoni and Rochel Vail

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