120 Cars Parade in Detroit for 120 Years

Ahead of the annual Detroit menorah parade, Lubavitch Yeshiva Detroit set a goal of 120 vehicles in the parade in preparation for Yud Alef Nissan – 120 Years. With a lot of hard work, they reached the goal, with the all types of Yidden participating in the parade.

Two years ago, the Bochurim in Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch set a goal to get 70 cars for their Parade, celebrating Yud Shevat 70 years of the Rebbe’s Nesius. And they reached the goal.

Last year they set a goal to get 80 cars, celebrating 80 years of the Rebbe’s arrival in the USA. And they reached their goal.

This year they took on a daring decision, although they all seemed it would be impossible, they couldn’t resist but to take on the goal of 120 vehicles.

“We didn’t think we get anywhere close, we’re not NY or Miami, and the Lubavitch community isn’t of the largest” said Meir Deren, Organizer of the Parade. “But the young Bochurim persisted and called every Anash family, once they realized it wasn’t enough they reached to the non-Lubavitch community and people from their Mivtzoim route”.

And… we reached the goal.

The State Police and a team headed by Rabbi Mendel Gotlieb and The Detroit Chaveirim met a number of times in the preceding days, to somehow make at least half of the 12 Mile parade seamless and non-stop, “BH the coordination went so well, and the Parade stuck together Beautifully from start to finish” said Dovid Margolis from The Detroit Chaveirim. “We are sure it reached thousands in the area and surely gave the Rebbe a lot of Nachas”.

Aside from the dozens of cars, the Parade consisted of 8 Large Menorah Pick-up trucks blasting Chanukah info and Music, 3 stretch limos, and a massive screen truck promoting Chanukah info.

The organizers would like to thank the entire Detroit community for participating in an unprecedented way, the State and city Police, the Detroit Chaveirim, www.limo-world.net, The Suit Depot and of course the Bochurim for making the Parade the huge success it was.

Photo Credits: Ahron Tobin & Levi Kaplan


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