Tanya Printed in Park Where Mass Shooting Took Place

A Tanya that was printed at the site of the mass shooting that occurred last year in Highland Park, Illinois was among twelve new Tanyas printed across Chicago and brought to the Central Chabad Library in Crown Heights.

By Anash.org reporter

Twelve new Tanyas that were printed in locations across the city of Chicago were recently brought to the Central Chabad Library in Crown Heights. The Tanyas were gifted to the Rebbe’s Library by Zelig Newman and Eliyahu Ezagui.

One of the Tanyas was printed at the location of the mass shooting that took place last year in Highland Park, Illinois, during the July 4th parade.

The Rebbe introduced the idea of printing Tanyas around the world, most of those who printed Tanyas sent a copy to the Rebbe, and later to the Rebbe’s library. However, there is a large number of Tanyas that were never sent.

As of today, the Rebbe’s Library only has about 6,000 Tanyas of the over 8,100 printed, which means that approximately 2,000(!) Tanyas are missing from the Rebbe’s library.

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  1. What locations were they printed?
    Is there a website to see all the printings? Also how does someone coordinate printing a tanya?

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