10th Sefer Torah Haklali Will Parade Through Massacre Sites

Next week, the siyum of the 10th Sefer Torah Haklali will be celebrated at central sites of the Gaza War: Starting in Ashkelon, continuing to the Sderot Police Station, and ending at Kibbutz Raim, at the site of the Nova festival massacre.

Preparations are in full swing for the Grand Siyum of the 10th Sefer Torah Haklali, happening Tuesday 23 Adar Beis next week. Excitement fills the air, as the organizers work tirelessly on the final details of the Grand Siyum procession.

Thousands of people are anticipated to participate in the Siyum, which will take place with a grand procession of celebrations throughout the Gaza envelope communities. The Siyum celebrations will pass through central points in the Gaza envelope region, where unique events are expected to occur at each location, and the final letters will be inscribed in the Torah scrolls. 

This Sefer Torah Haklali is dedicated in memory of the victims and fallen soldiers הי”ד. And participating in the celebrations will be the families of the fallen and kidnapped.

The procession of celebrations will commence in the morning, in the city of Ashkelon, the “Capital of the Gaza envelope.” From there, the Siyum celebration will continue at the police station in Sderot, then it will continue to the Gilat Junction, which has become a gathering point for reserve soldiers who are going to fight in the Gaza Strip. The climax will be at Kibbutz Raim, where 364 civilians were slaughtered in the Nova festival, and hundreds were injured and kidnapped. 

The grand procession of the Torah scroll will take place in the afternoon at “770 House” in Ofakim as a sign of solidarity with the city that has experienced severe trauma, with numerous residents murdered. The writing of the final letters will be held at “770 house”, and at its conclusion, singing and dancing, with Hakafos and Ata Horeisa as customary.

“Since October 7 there has been a great awakening amongst Anash in Israel and worldwide, in purchasing letters in the Sefer Torah Haklali, as a protection for the soldiers of the IDF and the entire Jewish nation. Many miracles have occurred to those who were inscribed in this Sefer Torah during the war,” says Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Oirichman, director of the Vaad Sefer Torah Haklali in Israel.

Rabonei Chabad of Eretz Hakodesh issued a letter calling upon all of Anash to participate in the celebrations and bring along friends and Mekuravim. 

A special fundraiser has been established to help cover the significant expenses of all the Siyum celebrations. To donate visit Charidy.com/stcyi

In the words of the Rebbe (Shabbat Tetzaveh 5743): “Fortunate are they, and great is their merit, all who are involved in any way in the writing of the Sefer Torah Hklali”.

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To donate towards the Siyum expenses, visit Charidy.com/stcyi

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