1,000th Kidney Donated in Breathtaking Milestone

In 2006 when Mendy Reiner founded Renewal, they were hoping for one kidney transplant a year. This past Monday, they celebrated the remarkable achievement of arranging 1,000 successful transplants.

What began as one man’s personal vision has blossomed into an extraordinary world-class organization, helping individuals and families navigate the complex process of kidney transplants, from finding a suitable donor to arranging all the medical and additional myriad details.   

Back in 2006 when Mendy Reiner founded Renewal, they didn’t dream of 10 transplants, let alone 1,000 transplants. They said if we do just one transplant a year the investment will pay off.

This past Monday, Renewal celebrated the remarkable achievement of arranging 1000 successful kidney transplants.

Since its humble beginning in 2006, with just two transplants, Renewal has grown nationwide and worldwide, facilitating Nationwide kidney swaps, opening a virtual lab with the latest cutting-edge matching systems, and demonstrating its commitment to improving lives and bringing renewed hope to individuals suffering from kidney disease.

Under Mendy’s passionate and laser-focused leadership, Renewal has become a pioneering force in the field of organ transplantation. The completion of 1000 successful kidney transplants is a milestone that is evidence of an incredible team of employees, supporters, and medical professionals, working together toward the common goal of bringing relief to patients suffering from chronic kidney disease.

Renewal’s incredible journey proves its steadfast dedication and continuing focus on advancements in organ transplantation. By employing cutting-edge technology, building and cultivating relationships with medical professionals and healthcare facilities, and emphasizing compassionate care, Renewal consistently achieves outstanding results.

On this momentous occasion, Renewal, along with the global Jewish community, takes this opportunity to express immeasurable gratitude and give a standing ovation to all our kidney donors – the central players in Renewal’s extraordinary journey of bringing hope and life to suffering individuals.

Additionally, Renewal thanks every volunteer and employee for their hard work, dedication, and collaboration in reaching this phenomenal achievement and the medical professionals for their care, compassion, and competence. 

To learn more about Renewal and its achievements, personal stories, and more, please visit www.renewal.org or email [email protected].

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