10,000 Start on Mitzvah Missions

The new Chabad Plus app allows children attending Chabad Houses to record Tzivos Hashem missions and increase mitvzah observance.

Chanukah is synonymous with Latkas, donuts, and Menorah’s, but equally important it is synonymous with Jewish education.

What better holiday is there to empower Jewish children to change the world just as the Maccabees of the old?

Tens of Shluchim across the world are using this Chanukah to formally launch their own Tzivos Hashem CKids brigade, and children are downloading the new “Chabad Plus” app to mark off their missions, and win prizes.

Over 10,000 boys and girls have recently enrolled and now is the time to get them started on their missions.

“Knowing how important Tzivos Hashem is to the Rebbe,” said Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, vice chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, “I am sure he is getting lots of Nachas from all these Jewish children who are making the commitment to spread goodness and kindness in the world. The Rebbe saw Chanukah as an opportunity to connect with kids and held many rallies and addresses for them during the eight days.”

“What a perfect time to launch all these bases,” he concluded.

CKids produced a beautiful video that describes the role each child will play now that they are a part of Tzivos Hashem. It also draws parallels and lessons from the story of Chanukah; bringing to life and making it all extremely relevant for every boy and girl.

“The kids were excited to receive their first rank holder and card,” relates one Shlucha who already held the launching event, “And of course they enjoyed the Chanukah game and raffle. For me, it was beautiful to hear them recite the twelve Pesukim, for many perhaps for the first time, with such passion and energy.”

CKids is a Project of Merkos Suite 302.

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