10,000 Life-Saving Tzedaka Pouches Distributed to IDF Soldiers

Yad L’Achim has distributed tens of thousands of specially designed tzedaka pouches to IDF soldiers and security forces, providing them with the protection that comes with the merit of giving tzedaka.

Yad L’achim, the organization whose security division is often assisted by security forces in rescuing women and children from Arab villages, came up with the idea to give soldiers Tzedakah pouches as a means to help protect soldiers, including many of its own security staffers who have been called for reserve duty and are serving on the front lines.

Yad L’Achim created the pouch, made of rugged fabric in army-green colors with a special buckle that attaches to the soldier’s pants. The soldier can deposit coins in his portable pushka and donate them to any organization or needy individual of his choice.

“We wanted to make something durable, that could withstand combat conditions, so that soldiers could give charity and benefit from ‘tzedaka saves from death,’ ” a Yad L’Achim official said.

So far, thousands of tzedaka pouches have been distributed to soldiers in and around Gaza, with thousands more given out to soldiers and security forces posted to the north, on the border with Lebanon.

Yad L’Achim noted with satisfaction that the special initiative was warmly received and the pouches were snatched up everywhere.

“The soldiers who received these pouches quickly attached them to their pants with the special buckles,” said the Yad L’Achim official. “We pray that the charity will protect them from any difficulty or distress.”

Are you a soldier interested in receiving these pouches for distribution in your unit? Contact us via Whatsapp or our site www.yadlachim.co.il (click on tzur kesher) or by phone at *9234.

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