10,000 Children Join Tzivos Hashem in 24 Hours

The initial stage of CKids’ Tzivos Hashem enrollment campaign has been a resounding success with over 10,000 children enrolled into the CKids brigade of Tzivos Hashem within 24 hours.

The initial stage of CKids’ Tzivos Hashem enrollment campaign has been a resounding success! Within 24 hours, 10,000 children have been enrolled into the CKids brigade of Tzivos Hashem. Through round-the clock dedication of a fantastic recruitment team, this daunting goal has been achieved.

At the Rebbe’s behest, Tzivos Hashem was launched forty years ago and has been a powerful force in motivating and uniting children in the performance of good deeds ever since. In honor of the 40th anniversary of this fundamental initiative, CKids aims to take the Tzivos Hashem to the next level.

In the next stage of CKids’ enrollment campaign, the goal will be to recruit a total of 40,000 children this year. With 10,000 children enrolled in the CKids’ Tzivos Hashem brigade in just the first 24 hours, this campaign will be a sure success.

You can help us reach our goal by enrolling a child here.

Although the ultimate impact of this campaign is yet to be seen, (and we won’t truly ever know), CKids is already seeing the results of this initiative.  “I showed the Tzivos Hashem promo video at our CKids ‘Restaurant Impossible’ event.” A Florida shlucha shared. “I gave out medals and rank books to a few kids. This morning a mother (who is unaffiliated and whose children are only newly enrolled in our Hebrew School) registered her son to Tzivos Hashem, asked for the Modeh ani prayer and is buying her son tzitzis! Wow, thank you CKids!”

CKids is a project of Merkos 302.

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