100-Plus UK Shluchim Gather for Regional Kinus

Over 100 Shluchim from the United Kingdom gathered in Market Bosworth to connect, learn, unite, and be inspired.

The growth of Chabad in the UK was highlighted by the record number of Shluchim who participated in the Kinus Hashluchim UK. The 143 Shluchim families are spread across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

Monday morning, Yud Daled Tammuz, shluchim began descending on the rural English village of Market Bosworth for two days of workshops, fabrengens and Torah study.

From registration to departure the entire Kinus was directed with precision by the shluchim to Solihull, Rabbi Yehuda Pink and his family. According to Rabbi Pink, it was the biggest Kinus Hashluchim ever held in the United Kingdom.

“Months of work go into organising the Kinus, but seeing everyone come together, being uplifted and returning to their mokom Hashlichus freshly inspired to bring the world a step closer to the coming of Moshiach with new ideas and energy makes it all worth it,” he said.

He paid tribute to his entire family for living and breathing the Kinus for weeks beforehand to ensure that it was a success.

Workshops included Safeguarding Training provided by the NSPCC, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention by JAMI, and The Helpline. There was also a dedicated track for mechanchim led by Phaivish Pink of the Torah Teachers Training Scheme.

Rabbi Mordechai Dinerman, Co-Director of Curriculum Development of JLI and Rabbi Zalman Loewenthal, Director of CKids International flew in specially for the Kinus, delivering sessions on how to implement the Rebbe’s directive to permeate the world with the study of Torah and how to maximise the impact of JewQ on children in the UK.

Jon Benjamin, COO of Chabad Lubavitch UK, shared information about updates to the legal requirements for operating a charitable organisation, and Dayan Levi Yitzchok Raskin delivered an in-depth Halacha shiur on shaalos pertaining to community and outreach work.

The shluchim were treated to sumptuous meals organised and catered by Mrs. Dinie Pink, Shlucha in nearby Solihull. She outdid herself with a delicious four course gala banquet.

Following an address by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky over video link, the keynote address was delivered by Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Director of Merkos Suite 302, who traveled from New York to participate in the Kinus. He praised the Shluchim for perpetuating the legacy of the Rebbe with their unswerving dedication to the needs of Yidden wherever they may be and encouraged them to continue to work together to ensure that Chabad impacts the lives of every single Jew in the United Kingdom.

Following the dinner, the Shluchim gathered for the highlight of the Kinus – a farbrengen led by Rabbi Zalman Vishedsky, Shliach in Basel, Switzerland that continued until the first rays of sunlight were already lighting up the sky. For many Shluchim living in areas far from other members of Anash, it was a rare opportunity to participate in a Chassidishe Fabrengen. It was particularly inspiring to see a large group of shluchim, some of whom had only finished farbrenging a couple of hours earlier, sitting down for a shiur chassidus given by Rabbi Yoinasson Golomb before Shachris.

The Kinus ended with some in-depth shiurim on topics in Chassidus and Halacha, given by Rabbi Avremel Raskin of Merkaz Letoras Hachasiddus, Rabbi Sholom Osdoba of Maayonos Hachasiddus, Rabbi Yoinasson Golomb, Shliach in Sheffield, and Rabbi Yosef Schtroks, Maggid Shiur in Yeshiva Ketanah London.

In addition to the spiritual send off, every Shliach was given a box of chocolates, generously sponsored by Symphony Chocolates to take home as a gift to their wife in recognition of her partnership in their Shlichus and for holding down the fort for two days while her husband was out of town.

Rabbi Boruch Altein of Chabad of Crouch End and West Haringey said “This was the most productive kinus I’ve ever attended. Very enjoyable and comfortable, delicious food, and good accommodation.”

Rabbi Odom Brandman of Chabad Buckhurst Hill in Essex said “The program was literally packed with useful, helpful and inspirational workshops. For me, perhaps the most valuable part of the Kinus is the networking and idea sharing with colleagues, and how we all feel part of one team”.

The Shluchim returned home reinvigorated and ready to double their work in their respective areas of Shlichus.

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