100 Minutes of Acapella Chabad Niggunim

Listen: To provide high-quality chassidishe acapella music for listening during sefirah, a young Chabad artist compiled a playlist of 100 minutes of Chabad niggunim performed without musical accompaniment.


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    1. Please don’t tell me that this sounds like music. Any music listener will agree that accapela is not music…

      Pls be advised that if you are and anxious person or other circumstances [as in a patient in hospital] Heterim can be obtained when necessary – for regular music. Call your Rov.

  1. @Nochum
    With this reasoning “contravenes the original purpose of the custom”, then we can’t wear “crocs” or sneakers on 9 Av because they are too comfortable and don’t feel like mourning!

        1. Not listening to music during sefira is agreed upon by all contemporary poskim. It couldn’t have been written about earlier, because according to dry halacha it’s assur to listen to music the entire year, as explicit in Shulchan Aruch. Heterim were developed for the rest of the year, but during sefira, poskim agreed to return to the original issur.

          1. Right, it’s actually about live music which brings to Simcha. Since we’re in Availus over the Bais Hamikdosh.

            Does that also apply to just sitting back and having some song playing in the background while working?

  2. Rabbi gorelik the first rov of kfar chabad didnt find a problem listening to niggunim…

    This subject is one of those grey areas and you should consult your rov as different circumstances of playing music vary what the halacha would mandate (e.g playing macabeets and other cool acapella at a simcha would be VERY qurstionble…)

    Just my 2 cents

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