100 at Kol Hane’arim Grand Finale in Baltmore

A Melava Malka in Baltimore celebrated the achievements of 100 children and fathers who participated in the Kol Hanearim Program every Motzoei Shabbos for the past 3 months.

This past Motzoei Shabbos, the Chabad community in the Park Heights section of Baltimore, under the leadership of Rabbi Elchonon Lisbon, celebrated with great fanfare the Grand Finale of the season’s weekly learning.

A Melava Malka seuda was prepared for the approximately 100 children and fathers in order to celebrate the amazing commitment of the fathers who joined their children every week throughout the last 3 months to encourage excitement in learning Torah.

Noted author and scholar on the Bais Hamikdosh Rabbi Yoav Elan, displayed his Bayis Sheini slide show with a fascinating interactive commentary.

During the weekly learning, children finished a total of 46 mesachtos of Mishna, plus Gemorra, stories, and weekly raffles and refreshments.

“My greatest nachas is seeing the children grow in their excitement of Limud HaTorah,” says Mr. Sholom Rosenbloom, the driving force and sponsor of the weekly program.

Rabbi Aharon Chazan was noted for his program with the younger children instilling Yiras Shomayim with stories from Chazal and the Rebbeim.

The weekly program was dedicated לעילוי נשמת גבריאל מרדכי בן יבלט״א אפרים ישרון and יוסף יצחק בן יבלט״א הרב שמואל.

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