10-Year Chavrusa Set up by Rabbi Yudi Dukes Celebrates Siyum

A siyum recently celebrated the unique chavrusa between Rabbi Shlomo Backman of Monsey NY, and Miki Rubin, of Panama. The two were originally set up by Rabbi Yudi Dukes and JNET.

A unique siyum took place recently in Peppercrust restaurant in Airmont NY. The siyum, was made by Rabbi Shlomo Backman of Monsey NY, and Miki (Michoel) Rubin of Panama who together completed Maseches Berachos.

Miki surprised Rabbi Backman and arranged for a beautiful fleishige siyum attended by the Rubin family, Rabbi and Mrs. Backman, and a few friends, including Rabbi Yoel Backman to complete a minyan. The special spiritual atmosphere was complemented by the delicious food this restaurant is known for.

What made this siyum unique is the fact that the entire masechta was learned by the chavrusa over a long distance and, that the chavrusa was originally arranged by the founder of JNet, Rabbi Yudi Dukes obm.

About 10 yrs ago, Miki was caught up in work, and as a young father of 2 at the time he wasn’t dedicating time to learning, even though he knew it was important. “Someone in shul mentioned JNET and it sounded too good to be true. So I reached out and within a few days Rabbi Dukes ZT”L set me up with Rabbi Backman. We started learning 30 minutes a week, and continued on the fixed time, which was the most important thing for me.” Miki shares.

Miki goes on to state that having a set time for learning was “truly life-changing” and in fact by adding a time for learning, he found that he had more time and seder to his day! Inspired by the structure and purpose of having a chavrusa brought into his life, Miki has since added another chavrusa. The pair learn 6 days a week and are already in their 7th Masechta, they are also doing Daf Yomi, learning Chassidus, and more.

Currently, Rabbi Backman and Miki are back to learning some ma’amarim which Miki says brings great balance to the rest of his learning. Miki says of his learning, “I feel that Rabbi Backman has a zechus in all of my learning schedules, as it’s in his merit I got to where I am.”

The most important takeaway Miki has is the inspiration Rabbi Backman has given him. Seeing his dedication at his age, knowing that he worked a regular job, and worked on other activities he took upon himself like doing mivtzoim by putting on tefilin every week on someone he is being mekarev. He still dedicated precious weekly time for a random yid, in such consistency, without even meeting him. That is a lesson he will hold with him forever.

The learning of course was mutually beneficial, Rabbi Backman says, “Learning with Michoel helped me very much. I had to prepare the subject matter and deliver it. The enthusiasm with which Michoel looked forward to the shiur inspired me to make it worthwhile both for him and me. The great thanks of course goes to Rabbi Yudi Dukes zichrono l’vracha

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