YU Seforim Sale Prominently Features Chabad Seforim

The annual Yeshiva University Seforim Sale featured tens of sifrei Chassidus, translations, adaptions and books by Chabad authors.

By Anash.org reporter

The annual Yeshiva University seforim sale is known as the largest Jewish book sale in North America, The Seforim Sale was founded in 5724/1964 to meet the needs of the greater Jewish community. Every year, the sale attracts about 15,000 customers to browse the over 40,000 books, or 15,000 titles.

The sale runs for three weeks every year, with this year’s sale ending tonight, February 23rd.

The selection of seforim in Loshon Hakodesh is limited, equal or less than what would be found in an average seforim store. The English selection, however, is large and includes many titles hard to find elsewhere. Some of those titles are ‘classics’ but many are those that would interest the Modern Orthodox crowd such as a large collection of books on Zionism or more ‘liberal’ Bible interpretation.

As Chabad chassidim, it is nice to note that almost every section has a number of seforim of Chabad chassidus or adaptions by Chabad authors. This is addition to Chabad seforim having a very prominent place in the Chassidus section, with a large percentage recognizable from your local Crown Heights store.

In the biography section, one can find numerous biographies of the Rebbe and chassidim. In Halacha, the new translation of the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch is given a prominent position. By the marriage section, the eye catches the set ‘Eternal Joy’.

Without doubt, the desire to learn Chassidus is out there. One can only imagine that with some time and effort by the publishers, the seforim of our Rabbeim, including the ones not considered ‘classics’, would reach an audience far beyond the current one.

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