YSP Celebrates Siyum Harambam with Grand Event

A grand 3 course dinner and ceremony celebrated the Siyum Harambam in YSP camp, with speeches by Camp Director Rabbi Mendel Goldberg and guest speaker Rabbi Nissi Deitch.

Over the past 40 years the YSP summer experience has become synonymous with Chassidishe growth in an environment of fun and excitement.

Although the world has turned over in these past few months, the staff at YSP have put in all their energy to making this summer just as extraordinary and even better than ever.

To celebrate the completion of the 39th cycle of Rambam there was a grand Siyum ceremony prepared. The dining room was transformed into a beautiful hall, tables set and a delicious 3 course dinner served. 

As always, the Talmidim of YSP took a hands on role with Talmid Levi Shapiro making the Siyum and Shmuel Brody starting the Rambam once more.

Camp Director Rabbi Mendel Goldberg shared with the Talmidim his own personal recollections of the Rebbe starting the daily Rambam initiative. The Talmdim were captivated by guest speaker Rabbi Nissi Deitch, who explained to them the deep significance of learning Rambam, inspiring everyone to take this opportunity to join the new cycle of rambam.

The evening culminated with the room erupting into dance as Tamidim and Staff celebrated this special occasion.

This event was just one of many activities that the Talmidim at YSP have enjoyed in the week that they’ve been here. Including plating sports on our beautiful new grounds, Archery, Late-nights, Kumzitzes, Sports Draft, BBQ’s, Game Shows, Farbrengens, “Back2Basics” and much more, all done with the elaborate and outstanding thoroughness that has come to personify YSP. 

A special thank you goes to Mendy Broner, the “back2basics” team, and Head Staff Ari Liberow and Avraham Drizin, who arranged and organized the magnificent event.

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