Your Mental Health, or Their Physical Well-Being?

Watch Live at 5:00 pm ET: The current times has everyone of us debating medical ethics and methods. Rabbi Yehuda Pink of Solihull, England, will present a shiur on Medical Ethics in Halacha.

Igud Yeshivos has arranged a unique one time Shiur, providing an overview on the issue of medical ethics in Halacha with Rabbi Yehuda Pink

Almost overnight, we have been thrust into a world where obscure medical concepts, usually confined to medical journals intended for doctors and medical students, are being written for the layman and disseminated in multiple ways.

Suddenly, more than any other time of lives, each choice we make may carry real life and death implications. Sadly, so many people have been presented with questions that in their worst nightmare they never imagined existed.

But all this new-found knowledge has created a need to address a subject often considered imperative

May one read any medical opinion they are interested in? Other questions must be addressed regarding one’s own health and safety. Does ones personal mental health take precedence over another’s physical health? May one open their store if they have no money left to put food on the table?

Must one object if the hospitals stop providing nutrition to a critically ill patient for whom the doctors have given up hope? May family members sign a do not resuscitate form?

These are questions being asked on a daily basis to head of the Jewish medical ethics forum of the West Midlands, Shliach and Rov of Solihull, England, Rabbi Yehuda Pink.

Today Rabbi Pink will present an introductory Shiur; An overview on medical ethics in Halocha, addressing these subjects and giving participants an overall understanding of our approach to what real medical ethics are, and what to look out for.

The Shiur will be carried live on, and over zoom

Meeting ID: 613 770 1111
Password: 22620

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