Young Shluchim’s Newsletter Reaches 100

The ‘Parsha Weekly’ newsletter, created by talented young Illinois shluchim, marked an impressive milestone this week, with their 100th issue.

By reporter

A few talented young shluchim are celebrating a big milestone this week.

The Tiechtel brothers, shluchim to University of Illinois, have been creating ‘The Parsha Weekly’ newsletter for the past two and a half years. This week they celebrated the 100th issue.

The newsletter’s editor Meir Tiechtel told what got him to start producing the newsletter.

“We wanted to make a publication for our family and friends that is both fun, and educational. It’s also a great way to connect with our friends from the Shluchim Online School,” he said.

Together with his siblings Gabi and Mina, Meir has been producing the newsletter every week and sending it out by email to subscribers. Included in the weekly issue is a dvar Torah, comics, jokes, games and much more.

The producers’ father, Rabbi Dovid Tiechtel, told that he is immensely proud of how far they have come.

“It started off on a small scale, being sent to some classmates and family. Currently, there are hundreds of subscribers around the country who wait for the weekly installment,” he said.

The 100th newsletter was celebrated with a special expanded edition, including a special story competition. The editors will be taking a break for the summer months and will be continuing with the 101th issue.

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