Young Shluchim Attend Yeshivas Kayitz Europe

By reporter

Tens of young shluchim, dovrei Ivrit, (Hebrew speakers) were treated to an inspiring and fun-filled Yeshivas Kayitz this summer, culminating in a beautiful banquet.

The Yeshivas Kayitz finished its fourth season last week, and has acquired a reputation as a place where young bochurim can experience a summer that has both the gashmius and the ruchnius that young bochurim require.

Fort two fun-filled weeks the bochurim learned in a serious atmosphere, while enjoying exciting trips and outings as well. This year’s location was the beautiful “Beis Menachem” campus of Mosdos Chabad in Lyon, France, under the leadership of shliach Rabbi Shmuel Gurevitch, and his son Rabbi Lipa Gurevitch.

The bochurim enjoyed activities in and around Lyon, as well as on the French Alps. Boating, kayaking, biking, and zip-lining, these were only some of the activities they experienced. The beautiful atmosphere allowed for the bochurim to grow in learning and chassidishe hanhagos, and allowed for a wholesome, chassidishe experience for all.

The Yeshivas Kayitz provides a meaningful summer for children of shluchim spread all over Europe and its environs, and gives the bochurim added support and encouragement to continue in their personal accomplishments and learning, as well as in their mission as shluchim in their respective cities.

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