Young Crown Heights Celebrates Torah Study

The young crowd of Crown Heights gathered last week to celebrate the culmination of a year of Torah study with a stately banquet and a Siyum Harambam. 

By reporter
Photos: Shmulik Serebransky

Dozens of young anash attended a unique Siyum Harambam last week at the Jewish Childrens’ Museum, celebrating a complete year of Torah study.

A sumptuous meal was served to the crowd of young baalei batim, interspersed with divrei Torah and chizuk, encouraging all participants to keep up and increase their Torah study.

The first course of a delicious salad was followed by a sicha from the Rebbe and the Siyum Harambam, with Mendy Gopin leading the haschala, and Mendel Shuchat acting as emcee. After the main meat course was served, Noach Weinstein addressed the crowd, emphasizing the need for every baal habos to set aside time for Torah study, notwithstanding his pressing schedule. Kvios itim baTorah is essential in one’s life, he stressed.

Next at the podium was Rabbi Naftali Silberberg, who brought to life the Rebbe’s inyan to learn Rambam and gave tremendous chizuk to all who participate in this mivzta so close to the Rebbe’s heart.

With the vast majority of young anash in Crown Heights working hard and caught up in the stresses of earning a living, the message of setting aside time for what truly matters hit home.

“Even with my crazy work schedule,” one participant told, “I make it my business to set a half-hour every day for gemara. Sometimes it’s difficult to follow through and I have to push myself. What was said tonight was just what I needed to hear!”

Another member of anash shared how inspired he was by the siyum and expressed his intention to act on it. “The office in the City I work has so many Jewish employees, some frum, some not,” he said. “And I’m thinking of starting a short Rambam class during lunch – it’s not only us who should benefit from learning Torah every day.”

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