You Made Our Simcha, Literally

From the Inbox: The Sirota and Feldman families give a warm thank you to the Crown Heights families who helped them pull off their children’s wedding, despite all odds. 

As the novel corona virus, COVID-19 spread around the globe, businesses, schools, and shopping plazas grounded to a screeching halt. As we live through these unprecedented times – we are all trying to make the best of it, and manage our new realities.

With Hashems help, we had the great Zechus to marry off our children. Planning a wedding during corona seemed challenging. There were so many restrictions and regulations that had to be taken into consideration. Where would we hold a wedding if all halls and event venues are closed?

Seeing the need of the community, Rabbi Moshe and Faigy Rubashkin graciously opened their home to host our wedding as well as many others.
We would sincerely like to thank them for their warm chesed and generosity!

Many thanks to the Popack and Simon families for hosting the Kabolos Ponim in their garages as well as the Krinsky family for opening their yard for additional use.

May Hashem shower you and your families with only revealed goodness, Gezunt, Mazel, Hatzlacha and Simchas.

May we all celebrate together with the ultimate Simcha, the marriage of Hashem and Bnei Yisrael with the coming of Moshiach now!

R’ Mendel and Rivky Sirota
R‘ Dovid and Nechama Bayla Feldman

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