YK Yerushalyaim Opens for Summer 5780

Following last year’s amazing success, YK Yerushalayim is once again opening its doors for Mesivta Bochurim completing Shiur Aleph and Beis.

There are few more exhilarating feelings than spending 6 full weeks in the heart of Yerusholayim!

Located in Nachlaot, a quaint 200-year-old neighborhood steps away from the famous Shuk, the Yeshivas Kayitz gives incredible access to the Kosel, Old City, & Geulah, that are all within short walking distance from our dorm.

See the sights, hear the sounds & walk the old cobblestone streets that our forefathers and generations before us have called home.

Building on last year’s success, YKY delivers a combination of interesting and relevant learning and a plethora of incredible trips. Learning that includes interesting sugyos in nigleh, halacha & chassidus, and trips such as 3-day overnights in the North of Israel, a sunrise hike up Masada’s snake path, Shabbos in the heart of Chevron, overnights in the Negev desert, museums, and all that the incredible city of Yerushalyaim has to offer.

The Yeshivas Kayitz is under the able leadership of Rabbi Shmulik Schneerson and Rabbi Yosef Avtzon.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a summer learning and touring Eretz Yisroel, while being hosted in the holiest city in the world.

Limited spaces are available, for more information and to register, please go to ykysummer.com

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