YG Melbourne Announces Expansion

Rabbi Binyomin Cohen, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Gedola of Melbourne. announces yeshiva expansion and calls for support.

The Rabbinical College of Australia and New Zealand – also known as Yeshivah Gedolah – is presently standing on the threshold of a new and exciting stage of its development.

Founded more than 50 years ago with a mere handful of students, the College has, over the years, progressed and grown. For nearly twenty years we have enjoyed a capacity enrollment of approximately 65 full-time students who learn, eat, sleep and live in the College premises on Alexandra Street, East St. Kilda.

The mansion which has housed the College for nearly half a century has, together with a few adjoining buildings, covered our accommodation needs until now. The two dozen bedrooms have indeed provided adequate – if fairly basic – quarters for our pupils. We now, however, find ourselves unable to increase the size of our student body, due to the limitations of space. Safety considerations and Council regulations combine to prevent us from housing a larger number in our present facilities. We have, as a result, had to deny many deserving students the opportunity to study in our yeshivah – a situation which is regrettable and unfortunate.

We are now, however, poised to commence a building programme in order to expand both learning facilities and sleeping accommodation. We envisage that the successful implementation of this programme will enable us to increase our total number of students to approximately 100.

The benefits of this expansion will be twofold. Firstly, from a strictly material perspective, a significant increase in the College’s revenue from tuition will assist us in achieving greater financial stability. Secondly, and more importantly, the College will have greater scope to achieve the realisation of that purpose for which it was established. This was to assist Jewish boys in their late teens in their knowledge and understanding of Torah, as well as their enthusiasm and commitment to the implementation of its values. The greater the number of students, the greater the fulfilment of the vision of our founding fathers.

We have every reason to believe that what well over a thousand students have achieved during the last fifty years can, should, and will indeed be repeated by even greater numbers in the future. We are not pipe-dreamers or well-meaning, impractical idealists, trying to persuade you to participate in our wishful thinking. We know, and our alumni are equally aware of, all that has been accomplished till now. We are proud of our track record and have no hesitation in inviting you to play your part in supporting a vibrant institution and communal powerhouse.

Through strengthening the growth and development of the College, you will enhance not only the College itself, but also each and every one of its students. They, in turn, will assist and strengthen any and all of the Jewish communities, both in Australia and overseas, in which they will subsequently find themselves.

With warmest regards,

Rabbi Binyomin Cohen

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