Yeshivos Worldwide to Unite for Rosh Yeshiva’s Merit

By reporter

Bochurim in Yeshivas around the world will be gathering Tuesday night to learn in the merit of a rfuah shleima for Rabbi Akiva Wagner, Rosh Yeshivas Lubavitch in Toronto.

Rabbi Wagner, who over many years has beenRosh Yeshiva to hundreds of students, has been diagnosed with an illness. Many are reciting Tehillim and adding in davening for the recovery of Akiva Gershon ben Rochel Basya.

Alumni students of Rabbi Wagner have organized learning around the world in his merit, to take place tonight, Tuesday, in each Yeshiva at after night seder.

Yeshiva’s which are unable to participate tonight, will be learning tomorrow night instead.

Participating Yeshivas include: Toronto Mesivta, Toronto Zal, Coral Springs Mesivta, Miami Zal, Klurman Mesivta, Baltimore Zal, Los Angeles Mesivta, Los Angeles Zal, London Zal, Tzfat Tzeirei Hashluchim Mesivta, New Haven Zal, New Haven Mesivta, Chicago Mesivta, Cincinnati Mesivta, Toras Emes Yerushalayim, Brunoy Mesivta, Brunoy Zal, Monsey Mesivta, Melbourne Mesivta YC, Melbourne Zal YG, Choivevei Mesivta, Chovevei – Toimchei Zal, Choivevei – Achei Zal, Oholei Torah Zal, Oholei Torah Mesivta, Queens Mesivta, Westchester Mesivta, Detroit Mesivta, Jets Zal, Wilkes-Barre Zal, and Hamptons Mesivta.

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