Yeshiva to Study Practical Halacha

The walls of a Yeshiva’s Beis Medrash echo with the voices of Bochurim. But are they always learning? Is every conversation always centered around the Gemara?

In Yeshiva Gedola Beis Sholom of Postville, the Zal is alive with the sound of learning, thanks to an innovative curriculum and learning method. Devised by Rabbi Shmuel Benshimon, Rosh Yeshiva of the Postville Zal, this system creates a structure for the learning by dividing the Gemara into topics, and giving the Bochurim a concrete goal to work towards. 

Entering its third successful year, the Zal is adding a new dimension to the coming year by bringing practical application to learning. In addition to the Mivtza Torah for finishing the Gemara of Mesechtas Kidushin, the Bochurim will be learning with the goal to be tested by Rabbi Shlomo Segal, Chaver Beis Din of Crown Heights, to become familiar with the practical application of Hilchos Kidushin.

The method of learning employed in the Zal allows the Bochurim to learn all the pertinent Gemara topics in-depth, utilizing the four-hour time slot generally dedicated to Iyun to the maximum. The study periods are split into shorter time slots, and the subject matter is divided by topics, based on the Beis Yosef. A commentator on the Tur, the Beis Yosef cites sources for all the Rishonim and Gemaras that are relevant to any particular Halachic subject, and then gives the Halachic ruling based on these Rishonim. Based on these summaries, Rabbi Benshimon has created booklets for every topic, with all the Rishonim sourced in the Beis Yosef for the Bochurim to learn in-depth. This creates structure and guidance for learning and gives everyone a chance to learn B’Iyun without the usual distractions. 

Rabbi Segal is intimately involved in the compilation of the Kidushin curriculum to ensure that it holds the highest standard of quality and covers a vast array of pertinent knowledge. Postville Yeshiva’s goal has always been to bring out the best in every student, through individual attention and care. With this initiative, every Bochur is given the chance to truly reach his potential in learning, and make his learning meaningful and applicable. 

Additionally, the Yeshiva is proud to announce the hiring of a new mashpia. Rabbi Levi Ceitlin will be joining the staff to inspire and help guide the bochurim during these important formative years of their lives. Rabbi Ceitlin is a warm and authentic Chassidishe role model who has an incredible record of relating to and impacting the bochurim under his tutelage. In addition to giving the Chassidus Shiurim and holding weekly Farbrengens, Rabbi Ceitlin will also be spending a significant amount of time dedicated to speaking and working with the Bochurim on an individual basis. Rabbi Ceitlin will be joining the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Shmuel Benshimon, the Menahel, Rabbi Gavriel Levin, and the Mashgiach, Rabbi Koppel Zirkind to help ensure that our bochurim are given the best possible environment for learning and growing, both B’gashmius and B’ruchniyus.

Other exciting new initiatives and policies are in store for the coming year as well, as Postville Yeshiva strives to maintain the highest standards of learning and growth. For more information, or to register for the upcoming year, visit

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