Yeshiva Students Raffling a Priceless Rebbe Dollar

The Shluchim of Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati are holding a raffle for a dollar given by the Rebbe, to help raise funds for their projects.

By Bochurim Shluchim of Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati

This year is a very special year. In addition to general simcha of it being 70 years of the rebbe’s Nesius, we, a Kevutza of Chaverim – have the zechus to be sent on Shlichus to Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati.

Being a Shliach to the younger Temimim is a zechus (privilege) and achrayus (responsibility). We are responsible to help ensure the success of the growth of each individual Talmid. Whether it is learning with them individually, creating creative Mivtzas (Campaigns) which encourage them to add and grow in their learning, Yiras Shamayim, and Hiskashrus, or just being their friend, it is a full-time Shlichus. While the Hanhallas HaYeshiva encourages us in our work, and participate in our activities, the “zechus” of raising the funds to cover these campaigns fall upon us.

Please partner with us in this holy and special endeavor. In honor of the 70 – years of the Rebbe’s Nesius, we are reaching out for partnerships in amounts of $70.00. In addition to the tremendous zechus of supporting our Shlichus, you will also be entered into 2 raffles.

These funds will be going towards Seforim sets, a Shabbaton and much more to all the hard-working Bochurim, taking part in Mivtza Likkutei Sichos, weekly Mivtzoim, Mivtza Torah, Mivtza Bein Hazemanim, Mivtza Hachono – Yud Shvat, Yud Alef Nissen and much more…

You may be the winner of a priceless prize: A dollar from the Rebbe! It is an opportunity that you do not want to miss! And the 2nd winner will receive 770 Dollars!

Thank you for your support.

Our Annual expenses are:
Mivtza Torah – $7,000
Mivtza Lekutei Sichos – $8,000
Mivtza Yud Shevat Shabbaton – 6,000
Mivtzoim (Friday, Chanuka, Purim, Shemura Matzah) – 3,000
And many other smaller projects
our annual budget is $25,000!!!

Tickets are $70.00 each

3 for $180.00
13 for $770.00

Click here to purchase tickets now.

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