Yeshiva Stays Open with Precautions

With some yeshivos sending their students home, others feel that the best way to protect the bochurim is by having them stay put.

By staff

Though many schools are shutting their doors – by choice or by force – some yeshivos have chosen to keep their bochurim contained and protected. The Lubavitch Yeshiva of Baltimore has notified parents that yeshiva will continue as usual – with precautions in place.

In a letter to parents, the hanhala write of their ability to keep the students confined:

“As per the latest developments, we believe and understand that Bochrim in the Yeshivah environment is safer than while traveling, here, they are the least exposed to the outside world, our Mikveh is -and has always been- strictly for Bochurim and staff only, our janitor lives in the Yeshiva’s facility, our cook lives two blocks away.

“All staff have been instructed not to use any public transportation. We have canceled all reshus for those who were supposed to travel and come back after Shabbos.

“In addition, we have drastically minimized the Mivtzoim activity today, we have not allowed anyone to traveled via public transportation and are making sure that are all disinfecting their hands upon their return.”

In addition, they are taking additional precautions to maintain sterile conditions, such as covering all tables with plastic tablecloths and change it multiple times daily and mopping the floors twice a day.

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