Yeshiva Reopens with Special Siyum

After being one of the first yeshivos to restart, Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati held a siyum celebrating the accomplishments of its bochurim, despite many days lost to the coronavirus.

A special siyum was held in Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati on Sunday, 13th Tammuz.

Throughout the year, many bochurim toiled between the hours of the seder HaYeshiva to finish learning masechtos Kiddushin and Sukkah. This special “Mivtza Torah” project, arranged by the Talmidei Hashluchim, included many tests and finals.

Notwithstanding the time away from yeshiva because of the coronavirus, 20 talmidim finished both masechtos.

During the siyum, the talmidim heard divrei chizzuk from the yeshiva hanhala and were presented with certificates. They also received monetary reward to buy more sefarim for their personal libraries.

Representing the temimim were Berel Pape (Arkansas) , Avi Kurinsky (Jacksonville) and Yisroel Silberstein (Montreal) who made the actual siyumim and gave over a hadran of the Rebbe.

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