Yeled V’Yalda Sends Support Over the Phone

Yeled V’Yalda held an informative teleconference covering medical advice, tips on enhancing bonding with children, self-care ideas for parents, scheduling and more.

By reporter

Last Wednesday evening, Yeled V’Yalda hosted a teleconference to support families during these challenging times.

Dr. Jeffrey Teitelbaum, the director of Ezra Medical Center described the coronavirus and it’s symptoms to parents. He shared the extreme importance of the measures we must take to protect ourselves and our families. Dr. Jeffrey emphasized the need for social distancing and hand washing. He discussed strategies designed to minimize the spread of disease and how to enhance bonding time with loved ones.

Next on the lineup was an important message from our esteemed Yeled clinical supervisors. Layah Davidowitz delivered a presentation that was prepared by Gitty Rosenfeld. Their message was chock full of advice and tips for parents to better handle the time spent together with their children. Some of the ideas included prioritizing, self-care for parents and how to talk to children calmly and effectively. Advice for scheduling the day was offered as well.

Finally, Mina Sputz, Director of Disabilities Services, shared Yeled’s priority to help meet our children’s needs. Mina described the effort Yeled is investing in bringing therapeutic services to all children in our programs. Yeled is in frequent contact with the DOE to determine the best strategies that meet our community’s needs. One option being explored and considered includes teletherapy. Providers are reaching out to the families they service to determine the best option for everyone. All our departments are hard at work and determined to succeed.

If you would like to listen to this important presentation, please call 641-715-3800, enter code 479535# and follow the prompts.

Read Mrs. Gitty Rosenfeld’s letter to parents in which she shares practical ideas on supporting your children’s needs while maintaining your own mental health.

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