Yagdil Torah Upgraded

Yagdil Torah’s Heichal Hallimud has received a major upgrade. With its warm atmosphere and extensive seforim selection already making it a popular spot, there is now an additional reason to stop by.

Rabbi Eliyahu Stolik, an exceptional maggid shiur with decades-long experience, is now at the Heichal daily, to learn with you or answer any of your questions.

In addition, he is giving a daily shiur on Maseches Pesachim – in English – which he aims to complete before Yud Tes Kislev 5781. His vast knowledge, conveyed with warmth and passion, will no doubt leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.   

The Heichal Hallimudat 574 Empire Blvd is open Sunday – Shabbos (including) from 6 AM- 2 AM.
Rabbi Stolik is available to answer questions and learn with people from 5 PM – 7 PM, Sunday – Thursday.
The Pesachim shiur is given at 9:15 PM, Sunday – Thursday.

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