Women’s Ohel Trip Expanded By Demand

The positive response of Crown Heights women to the weekly Ohel bus for women has compelled organizers to add a second bus.

We have been getting overwhelming feedback from women in the community about the new and easily accessible ride to the Ohel.

As the packed bus was about to leave the curb last Tuesday, one woman insisted she needed to the Ohel that very night. She was in the middle of a time-sensitive matter and was expecting news later in the evening. She made it onto the bus and squeezed her way through the full aisle.

On the way back to Crown Heights, the woman shared that she had just received a phone call with the good news. B”H everything will work out!

We are so inspired by the feedback we are getting, growing numbers and even the crowds that haven’t made it onto the bus yet, due to the large demand and limited space.

It is time for growth and expansion, as we would like to accommodate every community member! We are excited to announce that we have expanded our passenger occupancy to double its size. There will now be 2 minibusses going to the Ohel each Tuesday at 6:00 PM Sharp, $3 roundtrip, leaving from President and Kingston.

“Such a beautiful initiative, thank you.”

“About time someone did this!”

“It’s so perfect for me. The timing is after work hours, yet early enough that I can still focus and be present while I’m there.”

“I haven’t been to the Ohel in over a year. I hope to come tonight or next week.”

“Can we extend this offer past the 7 weeks, if there continues to be a demand?”

This is just a bit of the feedback we’ve been getting from various community members.

Please spread the word so that everyone who can benefit from this opportunity will be aware and informed of this offer.

We extend a huge thank you to our sponsor Yossi and Nechama Dina Katz for enabling the expansion of this peula and thank Or Vechom for arranging this beautiful initiative.

For more information, please contact (347) 278-3713

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