Women Worldwide Connect this Lag Baomer

Or Vechom’s Never Alone program has taken off. Find your local event and join thousands of women exploring the Rebbe’s message from Lag Baomer 5744.

The recently-launched NEVER ALONE program by Vaad Or Vechom, exploring the Rebbe’s eternal words spoken at the Lag B’Omer parade of 5744 (1984), that offer comfort, inspiration and guidance for these tumultuous times, has received tremendous feedback from the two N’Shei Chabad communities who already held their events.

“Boruch Hashem the events were beautiful, with lots of positive feedback. Between our two groups, over 100 attended. The hour-long program for 18-40 year olds was short and powerful” said Mrs. Tamar Rosenthal, who facilitated it together with Mrs. Miri Lipskier & Shaina Basha Lesches, all of Melbourne. “Each participant received a lovely package consisting of study booklets, s’more ingredients, cards for hachlatos, and our local N’Shei newsletter.”

“After beginning with Tehillim, we watched clips of the Rebbe’s sicha at the parade. This was followed by a discussion about applying them in our day to day lives, with practical hachlatos taken.” said Mrs. Sara Rosenfeld, who organized the event for women over 40 together with Mrs. Chaya Winner and Chanie Blesofsky. “A beautiful farbrengen ensued, with participants sharing memories of Lag B’Omer with the Rebbe, and suggestions as to improving their hiskashrus.”

In  the words of one participant: “These are things we all know, but hearing them from the Rebbe’s mouth is a breath of fresh air!”

A similar event was held in Johannesburg, facilitated by Mrs. Nemi Friedman. One woman shared: “Tonight’s event was B”H truly unique and unlike anything we’ve done before. It was well planned, deeply relevant, thought provoking & inspiring. Thanks so much! May the Hatzlocha continue and grow!”

Below are some of the Zoom meetings that have been scheduled, please reach out to the organizers for information about your local event:

  • Beis Rivka Seminary: Monday, 10:30am facilitated by Mrs. Goldie Plotkin.
  • Crown Heights Women’s Circle: Sunday, 8:30pm facilitated by Mrs. Goldie Plotkin.
  • East Flatbush: Tuesday facilitated by Mrs. Altie Itkin.
  • Five Towns: Sunday, 8:30pm facilitated by Mrs. Dini Greenberg.
  • LA: Sunday, 8pm facilitated by Mrs. Ronya Fajnland.
  • Machom Shoshana: Monday facilitated by Mrs. Rivki Brikman.
  • Lubavitch Women’s Organization of Pittsburgh. Wednesday, 19 Iyar, 8:30pm Facilitated by Mrs. Rochel Holzkenner
  • Minneapolis, Morristown, Postville: Monday, 9pm facilitated by Mrs. Manya Lazaroff.
  • Monsey: Monday, 8:30pm facilitated by Mrs. Dini Greenberg
  • Montreal: Monday, 7:45 pm, facilitated by Mrs. Dini Gurary together & Mrs. D. Bell , followed by a Lag B’Omer kumzitz with Mrs. Sara Lazar.
  • Montreal Seminary: Sunday, 1:10pm facilitated by Mrs. Goldie Plotkin.
  • New Haven: Wednesday, 8:30pm  facilitated by Mrs. Goldi Plotkin.
  • Oak Park, MI: Sunday, 8:30pm  facilitated by Mrs. Rochel Holzkenner.
  • South Florida: Miami Beach, North Miami beach, Hollywood, Hallandale, The Shul of Bal Harbour, Coral Springs, Inverarry, Walnut Creek: Monday, 8:30pm facilitated by Mrs. Sara Raskin.
  • Toronto: Sunday, 9pm facilitated by Mrs. Manya Lazaroff.
  • Texas: Thursday, 8:30pm facilitated by Mrs. Manya Lazaroff & Mrs. Gitty Eber
  • English speaking Anash in Eretz Yisroel: Monday, 8:30pm, facilitated by Mrs. Dini Greenberg
  • Seattle: Wednesday, 9pm facilitated by Mrs. Perel Krasnianski
  • London: Wednesday, 8:30 facilitator TBA

The program includes:

  • Words that Guide: We have never experienced anything like what we are living through now. What are the lenses that we need to wear to find perspective and regain our bearing?
  • Words that Inspire: Discover and embrace growth opportunities hidden deep within the quarantines and  role-adjustment of this unusual time. 
  • Words that Comfort: How do we deal with the painful losses, uncertainty, and anxiety that have become a part of our reality?

This event allows each community to tailor it to suit their needs, some are having a local speaker facilitate while others are getting a guest from the list available. One city is arranging two events for different ages.

Communities that register receive a host of resources including: facilitators guide, student guide, editable flyer, PPT presentation, list of suggested facilitators, network with community leaders just like yours and much more.

To bring this event to your community any time around Lag B’Omer, please register here.

Questions? Email [email protected] or WhatsApp +1-248-255-2451.

Click here to register.

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