With Wishes For a Blessed New Year..

This Wednesday presents a unique opportunity to win an original letter signed personally by Rebbe with blessings and wishes for the upcoming year.

The Rebbe quotes from seforim, that the preparations for Rosh HaShana begin 40 days prior.

What better way to prepare than participating in a campaign that bolsters the study and dissemination of Chassidus, and enter a raffle to win you your very own original copy of a letter personally signed by the Rebbe wishing the recipient a sweet year filled with Brachos.

These past few months have been very challenging indeed, and as we look forward to the coming months, we are all hoping for more serenity and good news with the coming of Moshiach NOW!!

Join the Keren Meir Summer Raffle for a chance to win this very meaningful prize.

The Raffle ends this Wednesday. Buy your tickets now before it’s too late!

Visit https://kerenmeir.net/aa2 for more information and to take part.

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