Wisconsin Launches Online Academy

Lubavitch of Wisconsin has announced the opening of the Wisconsin Jewish Academy, offering dozens of online Torah classes to the public. Fit one into your schedule!

By Anash.org staff

Wisconsin shliach Rabbi Mendel Shmotkin has announced a major new initiative – the opening of The Wisconsin Jewish Academy. The Academy offers over 50 classes on a variety of Jewish topics – with more being added every day! 

With Chabad Houses moving their shiurim online, Lubavitch of Wisconsin is offering a complete weekly schedule of classes in Jewish history, halacha, Chassidus and more.

As so much in our world has changed, with millions quarantined and isolated at home, life’s habits, schedules, and norms have been turned on their heads. Torah, developed and expounded through the vicissitudes of time and circumstance – including pandemics – provides guidance and inspiration even through these times of uncertainty. 

Now more than ever, the Torah’s perspective is not only informative – but of vital necessity.

Delve into Torah study at www.learn-chabadwi.org.

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