Winners of N’shei Chabad Mivtzoim Auction

Crown Heights women gathered for the 2nd annual auction benefiting women’s mivtzoim programs in New York. Raffle winners inside.

Crown Heights women gathered for the 2nd annual auction on February 23rd at Lubavitcher yeshiva, benefiting the Rebbe’s Mivtzoim.

N’shei Readers: Click here to see a memorable video shown by the event.

Upon registering, each participant received a pouch with some Mivtzoim material and a beautiful card explaining the idea of “Mivtzoim on the go”. Wherever one goes one should always have some material to give to another Jew to awaken the ‘pintele Yid’ within.

Mrs. Chana Marozow, head of the Mivtzoim Committee, gave us insight into its history and how it all began with those women who waited to receive the Rebbe’s dollar every Sunday. From once a week it grew to an amazing organization where women go out on mivtzoim to a variety of venues on a daily basis. The Mivtzoim committee is on the forefront, bringing us one step closer to Moshiach ever day.

Many thanks to Yehudis Cohen who chaired the event.

The ambiance was warm with beautiful nigunim played by Chaya Simonitz.

Renowned singer Esther Freeman enlivened us with beautiful and meaningful songs in choreography with the girls of Tambourines Academy of Crown Heights.

Rabbi Shais Taub captivated the audience with his words and stories illustrating that by joining in mivtzoim we are truly united with the Rebbe in his shlichus even if we don’t see immediate results from our efforts.

A fascinating video was prepared for the evening showing clips of a panel of ladies expressing their personal experience of mivtzoim and the benefits and inspiration they feel from their efforts to lighten up the world.

A roll call of more than 80 names of volunteers was read by Chana Marozow and Mindy Halberstam, coordinator of the evening.

The evening was an inspiration to many wanting to join this army of volunteers.

Special thanks to Tziporah Hahn for the beautiful decor, and Sinora Hasdi and a team of devoted ladies for the delicious food. Miri Morozov with Sori Krinsky for preparing the beautiful Mivtzoim table all year round at every Nshei event. Sara Tova Best for the Website, Esther Dick for many hours of work on graphics and organizing the prizes, Yehudis Kravitzky for storing the prizes and collecting many gift certificates.

Many thanks to the volunteers, drivers and the wonderful girls that came to help.

The evening was dedicated for a Refuah Shleima to Yurah Mahla bas Shosha Riva.

List of winners:

Grand Prize: Bracha Chein

Split the Pot: G.B.

1. Dollar from the Rebbe:
Mendy Blasberg

2. Travel & Tour the HolyLand :
Rochie Bernstein

3. Zlata Wig:
Rochie Blachman

4. $1000 Visa Card:
Sinora Hasdi

5. $1000 Gift Card to Elite Sterling
Rivka Tevel

6. $1000 Gift Certificate to Kirsh Jewelers:

7. $1000 Gift Certificate to Tzfasman Jewelers:
Faigy Carciente

8. Megillas Esther:
Shmulik S.

9. Pesach Package:

10. Men’s Package:
Mushky Lipskier

11. Enhance Your Home:
Mindy Halberstam

12. Baby Package:
Henya Laine

13. Shabbos Package:
Reggie Podrizki

14. Open Your Eyes:
Soroh Wineberg

15. $500 Cash:
Hadar Komen

16. Security Upgrade:
Jackpot 1

17. Dine In:
Sinora Hasdi

18. Body & Soul:
Jackpot 2

19. Ladies Package:
Chanie Crayk

20. Children’s Package:

21. Girls Package:

Jackpot 1:
R. Melamud

Jackpot 2:
Hashem Melech

Admission Prizes:
Mindy Shemtov
Suri Huebner
R.L. Mizrahi
Mrs. Hirsch

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