Win a Bottle of Mashke from the Rebbe

This Chof Av, support the Tiferes Zekainim Levi Yitzchak Organization, the only moisad that the Rebbe established in memory of his father, and be entered for a chance to win a bottle of mashke from the Rebbe. 

Throughout the years of the Rebbe’s Nesius, the Rebbe would often speak out against the classification of those in the community who were advanced in years as ‘retired’. The Rebbe argued that the word contains a negative connotation and implies that the individual is tired, unproductive and useless.

Rather, the Rebbe would counter, these ‘golden years’ provide the individual with a unique opportunity to pursue goals that they were unable to complete previously due to the many constraints of life and work.

40 years ago, as a physical expression of this sentiment, the organization Tiferez Zekainim Levi Yiitzchak was established. 

The Rebbe lovingly named the moisad after his dear father, and hoped that it would bring about a great change of perspective about the older generation and their place in society.

There are multiple branches of the organization, each focusing on a different part of its mission; to provide an infrastructure for the elderly to take part in that would help them feel less alone and more productive.

One of the most notable projects of Tiferez Zekainim Levi Yitzchak is its Kollel. Every single day, Hundreds of individuals gather together to learn Torah together with a chavrusa and engage in lively discussion as they discover the Torah from yet another angle despite having learned it many times over.

The Torah learning keeps the mind sharp and the socializing brings joy to the participating seniors, each and every day.

Tiferes Zekainim is currently holding a fundraiser to help secure the funds needed to ensure that the Kollel can continue to function in a sustainable manner.

Visit to participate.

Donate $40 or more to automatically be entered into a raffle to receive a very unique and memorable prize, a bottle of mashke from the Rebbe. 

The contents of a bottle of mashke cannot be preserved over Pesach due to restrictions that apply to the selling of anything received from the Rebbe’s holy hand. As such, the lucky winner will receive the very bottle that the Rebbe gifted to an individual, without the mashke inside.

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