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The image of empty halls and unfulfilled wedding dreams should not extend to a kallah’s new home. Help make this a joyous wedding season and win $10,000. Deadline is Wednesday.

If getting married and starting a new home is wrought with nervousness and apprehension, just imagine the daunting challenges the coronavirus pandemic inflicts upon our new kallahs.

The wedding of their dreams reduced to backyards and drive-by ceremonies, while their extended family and friends gaze on from behind a zoom screen. And building a new home in the current climate yields unimaginable stress and anxiety with much of the regular resources, vendors, and help just unavailable.

What if we could lift some of that crushing weight, lightening the load carried by these kallahs? What if we could erase some of the stress, or alleviate some of the burdens? Imagine if getting married during this unprecedented pandemic didn’t have to mean even more disappointment and work…

We can help make that a reality.

The assistance of Ten Yad, always provided in a sensitive and discreet manner, makes a difference! We see the change of demeanor, the relief, and joy that floods a kallah’s expression, and it tells a compelling and clear tale. It tells us that in this time more than ever, we can affect these kallahs lives, at the time they need it most.

‘’More impressive than the help Ten Yad gave us was the way they gave it’’, said Chaya G, CH, youngest of seven. “The sensitivity and thoughtfulness that went into the package and its presentation eliminated any feelings of self-consciousness or resentment. We are so grateful to Ten Yad.”

Ten Yad is holding a grand raffle to raise crucial funds to help our kallahs this wedding season. Your generous support allows kallahs to enter their weddings more present, ensuring a joyous and enjoyable experience.  We may not be able to provide guests or a hall, however, we can help build their new home, easing their transition for the future.

The image of empty halls and unfulfilled wedding daydreams, should not extend to their new homes! Help us provide kallahs with the outstanding “Ten Yad Package” loaded with household essentials, linen, kitchen utensils, towels, and much much more.

With the economic reality that has suddenly been thrust upon us, the need for Ten Yad’s support and care has never been greater. Our impact and reach have never been more felt. Partner with us, and change a kallah’s life for the better! Partner with us, and help build a Jewish home for the future!

Click here for a chance at $10,000 and help build the future of Klal Yisroel!

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