Which Questions are You Grappling With?

The brand new book ‘Darchei HaChayim’ is a guide to daily life filled with advice and guidance from the Rebbe on a variety of different subjects.

The journey of life is riddled with so many questions.

Each stage brings with it a new element of the unknown. While as we grow older the more we can understand, the more questions we seem to have.

Throughout the Rebbe’s Nesius hundreds of thousands of people from all across the globe would write to the Rebbe asking for his advice on every conceivable topic. The Rebbe would carefully and thoroughly address each concern and answer each question.

Many of the letters were compiled into the Igros Kodesh and many other books that contain within profound bits of wisdom and practical advice. So many everyday issues are addressed within its pages. Yet, for someone looking for the Rebbe’s perspective on a specific topic, it may be difficult to locate in the 32 volumes of Igros Kodesh.

This is where ‘Darchei HaChayim’ comes in.

Produced by ‘Or HaChassidus’ just a few weeks ago, Darchai HaChayim is a compilation of over 200 lessons and excerpts from letters written over the years. Each letter is clearly titled and letters are divided according to the weekly Parsha and the Yomim Tovim.

The 2 volume set contains 900 pages brimming with advice and life lessons to guide you in your daily life.

Topics covered in the series include: Shidduchim, Chinuch, Joy, Sadness, Parnassah, Sincerity in Avodas Hashem and much, much more.

Visit ohstore.org and order your set now!

You won’t regret it and your perspective on life is guaranteed to be adjusted for the better.

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