Where Will You Farbreng Yud Shvat?

Crown Heights shuls will be hosting farbrengens and programs for Yud Shvat. Anash.org presents an extensive list.

Tuesday Night

Farbrengen at the Ohel
Rabbis Yosef Chaim KantorAsi Spiegel and Tzvi Grunblatt 
Special video presentation
6:45 PM Ma’ariv
7:00 PM Screening of Yud Shvat 5750
8:30 PM Farbrengen
The farbrengen will be broadcast on Anash.org.

Beis Eliezer Yitzchok Shul
Farbrengen with Rabbi Don Yoel Levy and Rabbi Mordechai Gurary 
394 Kingston Avenue
8:00 PM – Maariv, followed by the farbrengen.

93 Shul and 94 Shul
Farbrengen with Rabbi Shmuel Posner
9:30 PM
271 Kingston Ave. 3rd floor

Lefferts Shul
Farbrengen with Rabbi Shimon Raichik
8:00 PM

Wednesday Night

770 – Central Farbrengen
Speakers in English, Hebrew and French
8:00 PM

The Lincoln Place Shul
Farbrengen with Rabbi Yisroel Shimon Kalmenson
1185 Lincoln Place
8:00 PM Ma’ariv, followed by farbrengen

Merkaz Avrechim
Farbrengen with Rabbi Berel Mochkin
466 Albany Ave.
8:30 PM

Kinus Hatmimim – Mesivta
Oholei Torah – Heichal Shmuel Dining Hall
Speakers: Rabbis Mendel Gordon and Yosef Lustig
Program begins at 7:30 PM

Kinus Hatmimim – Zal
Beis Rivka Lefferts – Rosa Hall
Speakers: Rabbis Tzvi Grunblatt and Leima Wilhelm
Program begins at 7:15 PM

A Hour with the Rebbe
A hour-long video of the Rebbe for bochurim
770 Eastern Parkway
5:30-6:30 PM

To Build a Beautiful World
Lecture with the Renowned Rabbi Shais Taub
Razag Ballroom – 739 E. New York Ave.
Doors open 8:00 PM
Program 8:30–10:30 PM
Admission $15
Light refreshments
Open to men and women

Thursday Night

F.R.E.E. in Russian
Farbrengen with Rabbi Yoseph Zaltzman
1383 President St.
8:30 PM

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