What a Teacher Deserves

An elder chossid who served as a teacher in a Chabad school in Eretz Yisroel felt that he was losing control over his class. In a discussion with the administration, he agreed to leave his job and not demand his deserved compensations.

After reporting to the Rebbe, the administration received the following response (2 Adar 5717/1957):

“Of course it’s difficult for an elderly person to manage a difficult class, since it necessitates physical and emotional strength. Still, efforts should be made to find him an appropriate position, since our manpower is low.”

The Rebbe then turned to deal with the compensation. “In any case, I don’t understand what you gain by his pledge. You don’t give compensation because one demands it, but because he deserves it!”

(Halperin Teshurah, Tammuz 5762)

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