After 50 Years in Print, Weekly Likkut Turns to Web

For decades, Rabbi Sholom Jacobson printed and distributed a weekly “likkut” on the parsha. Now, he is sharing it for download.

By reporter

For over 50 years kuntres Likkutei Sichos was published and disseminated by the Vaad L’Hafotzas Sichos and distributed in shuls, batei medrash and shiurim.

“The Rebbe personally worked on and edited these sichos for more than 20 years,” Vaad member Rabbi Sholom Jacobson told “They have been printed uninterrupted since 5727.”

But with the onset of Covid-19 causing the closure of printing facilities and the usual venues for the pamphlet, it appeared that its distribution might be suspended.

Instead, like countless others promoting and teaching Yiddishkeit in the Covid-Era, Rabbi Jacobson has turned to the internet and is pleased to offer the weekly likkut online, available for downloaded and print.

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