Week Two at YKK Packed with Fun

Campers and staff at Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston (YKK) enjoy another meaningful and fun-packed week of camp with white-water rafting, paintball trip, roller-skating, and a grand Siyum Harambam.

Campers and staff at Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston (YKK) enjoyed another meaningful and fun-packed week of camp.

The week began with the summer’s first Kluger game-show, where the campers compete with the knowledge they acquired in learning class, in a fun and interactive manner.

Sunday’s events also included the trips for the winners of Shabbos competition and for the 7th grade Bochurim who’ve memorized a designated quota of Tanya B’al Peh over Shabbos. During which the entire Mesivta division went on a White-Water Rafting trip and held their first celebration event for the Bochurim who excelled in the Mivtza titled “Bishvili Nivra Ha’olam.” It was also the day that the waterfront boating activities began for all divisions, on camp’s very own lake. These boating activities are available to all campers every day.

Sunday evening, the Siyum Harambam event took place for all the divisions of camp, on the expansive outdoor stage on camp grounds. Camp Mashpia, Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon, and the head staff addressed the campers on the significance and importance of the Rebbe’s instruction to unite through the study of the daily Rambam and many campers have joined the new Rambam cycle. The 7th and 8th grades, as well as the Mesivta division, started a daily Rambam Shiur.

Monday, the entire 7th grade division (YK7) enjoyed a paintball trip. The Mesivta division held their own Siyum Harambam with their head staff and camp rabbi, Rabbi Moshe Silman.

Tuesday, the entire 8th grade division enjoyed a paintball trip.

Wednesday was a trip-packed day, with 4th grade going on a roller-skating and bowling trip, 5th grade going on a White-Water Rafting trip, and 6th grade going on a paintball trip.

Topping off the fun-packed week… Thursday, the 7th graders had a chance to start using the Go-Karts on camp grounds. Mesivta enjoyed an amazing trip to an indoor amusement park. The entire camp enjoyed an acrobat show by the Chicago Boys Acrobats, followed by a special night activity game “Escape From Galus.”

This concluded another fantastic week that all the campers and staff at YKK enjoyed both B’gashmius and, more importantly, B’ruchnius, packed with Limmud Hatorah, inspiration and Hachlotos Tovos. 

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